The Boron Letters


The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert, Bond Halbert

My Highlights

How You Feel Affects How You Think

Try Things At Least Twice  Just the second attempt at anything hard will be much easier. Not a little bit but by A LOT. It is true of almost everything, not just sports.

My dad’s favorite saying was “nothing is impossible for a man who refuses to listen to reason” and it served him well his whole life.

No, sometimes there is no use wasting time and energy fighting established beliefs by arguing and it is better to just silently go about proving or accomplishing your goal.

Write down your goals and go over them every day and not just once a year.

Most people think the hard part is finding positive people, but that isn’t true. Go to any learning Annex workshop with Trump speaking and you will find positive people with hope. No, the real trick is to cut out those that hold you back.

Carry yourself with confidence (not arrogance) in everything you do and people will respond in a good way.

Usually, when someone asks me what is the #1 big secret to making money I tell them they should get involved in whatever excites them the most.

You see, the way I look at it, if you halt your forward progress every time you get a little tired or irritable or whatever; then you are suffering from a lack of discipline. On the other hand, if you keep pushing when you are chronically tired or really sick, then you are a fool.

All of us, including thee and me, have a slightly shrewd idea of ourselves. We often try to convince others and ourselves that we are something we are not, something we have an idea we “should” be.   Therefore, truth, my good son, can be determined NOT by how people use their mouth but rather how they use their wallet.

As a general rule, the more “custom tailored” your promotion is the more successful it will be.

I’d also like to add that it is easier than ever to make money working with subjects you love because it is so much easier to target a lot of customers into very odd or strange things.

One key question every business owner should ask is “how can I make it so ordering is even easier.” Many great burger stands went out of business when the competition across the street added a drive thru.

Now here are a few things you should always include. A complete description of your product including how many pages, how many words, how many photos, who wrote it, facts about the author (his age, background, success stories, etc.). You should also take notes on what this product will do for you. Will it make you wealthy? How will more money help your customer? Will he be able to buy a better car? Take more vacations? Afford a better home? If so, put it down.

By formula, I mean you should work within a proven sequential outline like AIDA.   What does AIDA stand for? It stands for ATTENTION, INTEREST, DESIRE, ACTION. So, to make it clearer your letter should:   1. First, get his attention 2. Second, get him interested 3. Third, make him desire what you are selling 4. Compel him to take whatever action is needed to get whatever it is you are selling.

Brainstorms come at the times when your brain is well nourished and the most relaxed which means the ideas come when you least expect them.

You should also test offering single vs. multiple ordering options.   Sometimes, only being able to order by phone boost the performance of an ad and other times multiple payment options works better. You must test.

Ideally you want to offer first-time buyers three price points.   The Cheapo Option Which Has What You Need The Deluxe or Mid-Priced Option With Some Bells and Whistles The Supreme Package With Prestige Service

Please remember this word: HALT. HALT stands for hungry, angry, lonely and tired and you should never make a decision when you are any of those things.

You Don’t Have To Get It Right… You Just Have To Get It MOVING!

My father taught me was to wait 72 hours after being emotional to make any important decisions.   It is hard to stay emotional for 3 days and if you still want to sue someone, leave your wife or quit your job start the process.

You know, kiddo, you can’t always control what happens to you in life but you do have a lot of control over your responses.

What is that mistake? The mistake is finding or developing a product FIRST and then looking for a market to sell it to. This is backasswards.   You Must Always Find A Market First… And Then Concentrate On A Product!

Products are a dime a dozen. They are important but much less crucial to success than finding a hot market. I’ll tell you this: A guy with a new product cannot always find a hot market for that product but a guy who has uncovered a HOT MARKET can always find a product to fill the needs of that market.

Now, I’m going to talk to you about a big difference between people who make it in any field (including crime) and those who do not.   That difference is awareness.   Most people (at least many) walk around with their heads in the sand.

Believability is one of the top most important ingredients of good MO & DM promotions. One way to increase believability is to give exact details. Instead of “most car owners” write “77.6% of all car owners”. Instead of “you can lose lots of weight” write “and the average reported weight loss over a 31-day period was 37.5 pounds for men and 26.3 pounds for women”.

At the time in my life when I was making the most money, I followed the same procedure I am talking about here. Namely: I pay attention to myself and when I am off, I drop out of sight and do what is necessary to strengthen myself.

It is important here, it is important out there, and it is especially important in business dealings. People can smell it when you are weak. When you are vulnerable. They can smell success too.   They can sniff out a winner.    And you can’t fake it. Not for long. You’ve got to be it!

When I’m down there is nobody i like to be around more than my wife. She is super supportive and a perfect example of the kind of relationship worth investing in but all that aside the lesson which needs to be added is…   Drop The Dead Weight!   My relationship with my father and mother has always been really strong but one thing I learned form both of them is not to waste time with people who are simply dead weight.   Unless the hindus are right we all get only one go-round in life and time is too precious to waste on people who undermine your confidence, hold petty grievances and don’t add to your enjoyment of life.

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